Big Bull Rice

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Discover the epitome of excellence in Nigerian premium parboiled rice with Big Bull Gold Rice, the epitome of quality, nutrition, and taste. Crafted with utmost precision, our Big Bull Gold rice boasts impeccable grain quality, ensuring stone-free, swift, and fuss-free cooking experience, yielding a delectably firm and non-sticky outcome. Elevate your culinary creations with the versatility of Big Bull Gold rice, the ideal choice for crafting an array of rice dishes, from the iconic JOLLOF rice to mouthwatering FRIED rice.   

Delve into our product offerings and experience firsthand why Big Bull Gold Rice stands as the ultimate choice for discerning consumers. 


Big Bull Gold Rice is stocked at most major supermarkets throughout Nigeria. You can find our premium rice at renowned supermarkets such as:


Grocery stores and Local Markets

In addition to larger supermarkets, Big Bull Gold Rice is also available at many local grocery stores and markets. We understand the importance of being accessible to communities of all sizes, which is why you can find our rice in your neighborhood stores. 

Online retailers

In today’s digital age, shopping from the comfort of your home is a breeze. Big Bull Gold Rice is just a click away when you explore online retailers, including: 

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