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Foundation for Youth Development

Who We Are

The Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) was founded in the year 2003 to address the issues of youth empowerment including education, health,skills acquisition etc. It was also formed to address poverty, inequality and wants among the rural populace.

Considering the need to bridge the yawning gap that existed between city dwellers and those in the rural areas, the Foundation started as an empowerment scheme through the giving of grants to market women, bursary schemes to students, health interventions for the indigent and the aged etc. This scheme later metamorphosed into a Foundation that addresses youth education, skills acquisition, empowerments, amongst others.

The Foundation was actively involved in the training and empowerment of over 300 ex-militant groups and sent them to various institutions working with the Amnesty Office. This included Mechatronics Training at Tati University College, Malaysia for over 50 students, Theoretical marine Systems training for 200 students at Haiphong Polytechnic College, Vietnam; and training of over 80 youths in Seatime at the World Maritime University, Sweden.

As a way to further ensure that the students trained in these institutions were able to be placed on vessels of cadets, the Foundation hired a Seatime training Vessel and modified same to enable her give practical seatime to graduating students not just from the above institutions, but also those who have been trained elsewhere in the world.

Included among the projects of the Foundation are Installation Of Solar Photovoltaic (Pv) Powered Borehole For Community Farm Irrigation & Local Community Water Supply in Abacheke-Egbema, Reclamation of Oil Spill Degraded Farm Lands Through Sustainable Agroforestry in Etekwuru-Egbema, Abacheke-Egbema and Ugada-Egbema of Ohaji-Egbema LGA, Imo State (in conjunction with United Nations Office for Project Services, UNOPS), among others.

Our Vision

To see a new brand of Nigerian youth become better and productive citizens of this great nation and in turn positive contributions to their communities and their country at large.”

We envision a strong and efficient organization that effectively conducts value for cash interventions that produces an ample amount of skillful and productive youth to contribute rigorously to positive and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To empower youth with life and economically sustainable skills, building better lives for a sustainable development bearing in mind that that the only way to save our nation is to save our next generation.


Our Values

Youth and Sustainable Development

An integrated approach to sustainable development is appropriate to address current needs of young people in our society.

Empowering Self-Reliance

Enable them to be self-reliant, by creating an enabling environment for them through facilitating a sustainable process of Research, Counseling, Training and Development.

Youth-Centric Interventions

Interventions that will engage with the full realities facing youth and their communities.

Function & Activity Documentation

Documentation of its functions and organization activities for the purpose of record keeping.

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