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The Leading Publishing Company In Nigeria

Learn Africa Plc is the leading learning resource business with a history spanning over 60 years. The company was established in 1961 as Longman Nigeria – a book publishing firm wholly owned by Longman Group UK Limited, now Pearson Education.

Who We Are

Our core business is the publication and marketing of textbooks for the entire educational system in Nigeria.

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We Keep Making High Quality Educational Books

In over 60 years of outstanding book publishing, the quality of our books has not dropped one bit

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You can get up to 20% discount on every Learn Africa book that you purchase. Buy up to ₦1,000,000 worth of books and get a 30% discount.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an integral part of the Nigerian society playing varied roles as an employer, partner, tax payer and competitor, the company impacts society through various means, including the Learn Africa Education Development Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to the growth and development of schools and education through the provision of educational infrastructure.

Product & Services

The company works with authors, governments and private organisations in providing resources for all levels of education. The company has the capacity and manpower resources to develop content tailored to the curriculums of different educational systems.

Our resources include:


Textbooks & Workbooks

Teacher's Guides

Reference Books

General Interest Publications

Tertiary & Professional Books

Our Partners

Learn Africa Plc, as a customer-oriented focused organisation, places strong emphasis on customer insight, product quality and value addition. The company appreciates the crucial role it plays in the development of human capital that is primed for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. As a learning organisation, the company keeps discovering innovative ways of making education more accessible and enjoyable to people, thus enhancing the quality of life and socio-economic development. Learn Africa Plc has business partners in various parts of the world.

Universal Basic Education Board
Federal Science and Technical Colleges
King's College
Queen's College
Chrisland Schools

and many more…

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